Cricket Control

It takes a professional to protect your home from these crawling creatures

Cricket Control

Crickets are grasshoppers but closer to katydids and bush crickets (family Tettigoniidae). They have bodies that are somewhat flattened and antennae that are long. There are around 990 kinds of crickets. They are generally innocuous and often mistaken with grasshoppers as they share the same body structure, including leaping hind legs.

Crickets are omnivores as well as scavengers taking in organic materials along with decaying plant matter, fungi and certain seedling plants. Crickets have also been recognized to consume their dead when there is no other food source available. Crickets are mates in the late summer, and then lay eggs in the autumn. Eggs hatch during spring, and usually hatch in groups of around 2,000. Female crickets possess a needle-like organ to lay eggs.

Crickets are well-known as a fresh food supply for carnivore pets such as frogs and salamanders, lizards, and spiders. Feeding crickets nutritious foods to pass the nutrients to animals that consume their guts is known as gut load. Crickets are also consumed by humans in certain societies.

Crickets are a pest that could ruin a nation’s economy. They can ruin a crop field. In certain cases, they could cause damage to grain and fabric stock. They could carry bacteria that can cause skin disorders. Crickets may cause disruption in traffic , too.

Control & Prevention Tips

Crickets can be controlled by using insecticide and that too by a professional. It is better to consult a professional pest control company.

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