Flies Control

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Flies Control

Flys can be an issue whenever they are swarming around your property especially when they are in huge quantities. However, certain species of flies also present health risks for human beings. House flies can transmit a variety of illnesses, like dysentery and salmonella tuberculosis, cholera , and parasitic worms. In India there is a higher chance of transmission of diseases via insects. When emergency situations arise, and the hygiene situation is not adequate, flies are often the primary cause of dysentery and cholera outbreaks. However, even in normal circumstances children and the elderly are more at risk of contracting common diseases such as salmonella poisoning due to food items contaminated by flies.

The spread of diseases is due to their breeding habits and food habits. The bacteria they normally feed is stuck to their mouths and footpads and then spread to the surfaces they fall on. Imagine that it’s food you’re planning to eat.

Danger from flies

A variety of kinds of fly species have evolved to live in human-made structures. If they are found within humans’ structures, they’re considered to be pests that cause nuisance. Certain kinds of flies pose potentially dangerous to the health of animals and humans. They could be carriers of diseases that are present in their egg-laying and breeding places. These pathogens can lead to food poisoning diarrhea, dysentery, diarrhea or typhoid .

The fact can be true that flies do not bite or sting, however their risk is because they frequently fall upon dead animal carcasses, decaying food manure, trash, and other food items. Because they are attracted to those areas they can pick up and transmit diseases that are hazardous to humans.

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